Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm into the world of babies!

Thought I would post up a few of the birth announcements I have done ( is my isaac's) I get a big kick out of doing these. Hope you like them. (Note how handsome I am)


darren-s said...

Welcome to the blog world mri.

Cute babies.

Anonymous said...

That's one handsome Izen...

.. Issac that is :)

Great to see you got a site up my man.... Maye one day we'll have a "Blog-oFF"! We pick a topic, we both do our versions of it, then we show the world!!!(*Or just our moms, whatever)

lots of love

mr i said...

I should have done this guys are the first people to talk to me in months!

serdna adnarim said...

Wait you made a baby!