Monday, December 1, 2008

Yammie Plush

I recently had to take some pics of the Yam Roll plush dolls, and remembered how crazy cute they were. I give them a "holy smokees" on the scale of cute:)
I know I may have posted the Yam Roll doll before, but here are some of the others we had made up. (Ebi, Tamago, and Katcho are prototypes)
They feel like a loose sketch to me.I think they turned out really nicely!! Only Yammie made it into production. (Big thanks to Gen Welton-Tso and Sasha Zagorski for their help!!)


The wise Katcho Miso

Tamago (sans glasses)

Crazy Ebi :)


smac said...

soo cool!

Hobo Divine said...


Oh Word!
~ Hobo

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mr i said...

Scott-- Thx so much for stopping by!! Glad you got a kick out of them

Hobo--Is that what I think it is?? you are horrible! :)

Honkbarn said...

I want one! How big are they? Big enough for furvert action?

Anonymous said...

You're right.. they turn out super loose and cool. Big up!

*BTW.. when's season two? :)

Miss your creativity and insane zaniness Mr. I. Hope to meet again on this crazy road called life!

mr i said...

Mr R - you are making me nervous

Ariel - I hear ya man. So much fun hammering out doodles as fast as we could and making it all work! Yup, I hope we can do it again man. It would be great!!!