Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Princess Mimi and her little bud Grumpy Gus

This promo was produced by/for March Entertainment. Jono Howard and I created the show. I designed and directed the short. It was animated by the incredibly talented Ivan Rusev and myself. Music is by my bud Andre Plante. Hope you like it!!!

(If you go to the actual youtube page and click "high quality" on the lower right corner...looks a bit better!) Thanks to Mr. G for letting know how to imbed the vids at hi res (after this post :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats guys.. great job ;)Nice song too!

To a good '09 Jon!


mr i said...

Ariel - thx man. To you to sir!! xo

Hobo Divine said...

I like Dancing!
Dancing I like
Ride an unicorn
like a bike!

Raindrops drop
Raindrops drip
black rain cloud
on a ego trip

It's a hit
A dead ringer!
Mimi's got owie
wrapped around
her magical
(big finish!)

I love it
my favorite is the raindrop
(I hope he didn't drop out of school!)

Joseph said...

This is a rainbow of awesomeness! I love it too!!!

mr i said...

Hobo and Joe - Glad you likee!!! Thx for stopping by!

geenpool said...

this is the most wonderful thing I've seen today...hell, all week. Nice job.

alex dron said...

fantastic stuff Mr I...love your work..

jacks said...