Saturday, July 4, 2009

The finished product

A few dropped colours and the bad boy is done! If you see this, haven't received it, and are in the Suds...feel free to stop by!!
(Is three years old too young to start him as a clean up artist? Working with my stuff, there isn't a lot to clean, so I wouldn't stress the little guy that much...)


Jason Curtis said...

I freakin' LOVE it Jon!

By the way, could you post new stuff every single day...or maybe even multiple times a day...or perhaps every hour?

I love your style.

echobaseAlpha said...

love it Jon, you'll have to keep this for when he's old enough to embarrass it with!

echobaseAlpha said...

please forgive that previous post's deplorable sentence structure. I is but a lowly animator ;)

SSemone said...

Could not find where to email you

You can just delete this after you read

Hello There-

I have an online Gallery where I sell works on online. I sell paintings, sculpture, and am about to add photography. I think your works would work well in the setting I am selling. I list all works on ebay and am a powerseller. I make professional templates for all my artists work, and I have a list off collectors that already cross buy works from artist to artist. I charge nothing to list ever, I take a commission plus ebay and paypal fees. The artist is responsible for shipping works. My point is to move works. I advertise my listing online and if I don't sell your work I do not get any money. That motivates me to work hard for each artist. If this sounds like something you might be interested in just email me back.

Thank you,