Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sitka Profile

Sitka Surfboard is a hot surfboard/clothing design company based out of Victoria, B.C. The nice folks over there have added me to their roster of listed artists that have created design for them. It's an honour as I am in great company. A couple other artists I am posted with are Andy Dixon and Ben Frey. I'll upload new designs as they get posted on the Sitka site

Check out the link to my profile here. Thanks Sitka!


Jason Curtis said...

I love the images you've done for them Jon. My favorite is "This man is carrying a fire". It just cracks me up that he's wearing a suit, and of course, that he's carrying a fire (logs and all) with a single hand.

Honkbarn said...

Nice work buddy! I love the Sitka. They have a great band under their artist list, Jon and Roy. Good relaxin tunes.

jacks said...

great drawing!