Thursday, April 3, 2014

Be nice

I usually post doodles. This morning I was sitting having a coffee while doing some work... before I went to work. I was beside some average, well dressed middle age folks when I heard them use 'autistic' as a slight towards someone they obviously don't like/ think is weird. I turned to them and said my son is autistic, and asked if they were using the term as a slight(whether he is or not is not the issue here). They didn't answer and mumbled sorry, then changed their topic. I am so tired of hearing people use expressions like “I think the guy is slightly Autistic” Or “I don't know what is up with that guy. He is definitely a little Asperger's” as a slight towards people who have differences, challenges or have different social abilities. Think about going through life not being understood. Think about going through life with no friends. Think about what it actually means to be truly lonely. Think about trying your best and having people make fun of you or avoid you due to a less than common ability to react, interact or understand. The reality is that most of these people are probably more interesting and have a more unique outlook than neurotypical people, but need others to give them a chance. The reality is that most adults are boring drones that have lost all creativity in their lives and live only to the expectation that a narrow minded society has forced down their throat/ or onto their TV. In nature, we find difference beautiful and unique. It is commonly something that is embraced and enjoyed. In society most people spit in the face of our differences and have no patience for anything outside of the box unless it is cast in a spotlight, only accepting it due to some fantastic media exposure. The average person might not be able to understand the feeling of happiness that an individual may get from the simple act of being able to have someone listen to them with patience, or not having people run away/ avoid from a conversation with them. Simple things can fill peoples life with ease, comfort and happiness. Everybody deserves a chance. To use peoples challenges as a joke or a slight is actually pretty disgusting. If you have the nerve to use Autism, Asperger's, or ANY other challenge people face as a slight – take a minute to imagine your yourself, your child, brother sister or friend, living an empty life due to the fact they are simply trying their best to be themselves yet being excluded from what should be a good/ happy life on earth. There is no such thing as “I don't mean anything by it...” What you mean when you say this is that you have forgotten why it is you are here. I would argue that it is not to celebrate what you have and how great it is, or easy it seems...rather to try and share some of your fortunate life and give some love to those who need it. While we are here...we should try our best to be nice. I am very very far from perfect, but I try my best to have a heart and compassion. End of rant. Time to go to work.


Tara said...

Clap clap clap! YA! I agree full heartedly. Sometimes we really need a reminder on how to be nice. Thank you for your insight Jon! Give a big high five to Issac and Jack for me :D

John Cantlie said...

I know that feeling, Jon - my bro is mentally disabled. After 40 years it still tweaks me when people use the word 'retarded' in lieu of 'not working' or 'stupid'. I have to confess, though with some shame, that I'm much less angered by it than I used to be. Perhaps the constant lapping is wearing me smooth; perhaps I'm resigned to the cruel idioms of youth growing with us into our lexicon...all I can really say is that most of these people turn kind when they meet him. They know I'll break their fuckin' face if they aren't.

Ted said...

Thanks Jon for sharing your thoughts. Like you, I can't stand people who make fun of other's so-called differences whether it is physical, emotional or race, gender, etc. I do believe that speaking up against all forms of discrimination will hopefully impact on those who practice it...

Ted Alcuitas

Daniel Hawes said...

Dead on JI. Nicely articulated and good for you for having the courage to "say it". More us need to take this lead,

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